Eat Me

A play by Suzanna Walters

A new play on eating disorders.

Having worked as a professional actress on stage and screen for some years, it has been a fascinating and challenging experience to both write and co-direct ‘Eat Me’. It was a natural progression really; having had a passion for creative writing since childhood, and also having suffered myself from anorexia, I had an urge to put pen to paper, with the chief aim of helping others to gain an understanding of the way this illness takes control of a sufferer’s mind, body and soul.

Everything that happens in the play to either Libby, Kate or Jonathan, happened to me or to someone I know. These stories are real.

Working with Sally McCormack, who has written a play on schizophrenia and early psychosis in which I performed, has been a privilege, and together we hope to take both these stories further, in order to increase knowledge and understanding of mental health issues through the medium of drama. It has been a joy to work with this amazing cast and I thank them for their hard work and dedication throughout.

‘Eat Me' was first performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2018, and since at the Guildford Festival and other venues. It aims to bring awareness and highlight the struggles that sufferers face, and how, together with support, they can take on and overcome this evil force. However, in order to carry on producing 'Eat Me', and to take it to more venues including schools, NHS Trusts and theatres, we need to reach our fundraising target! By supporting us, you will help others gain a greater understanding of this potentially deadly mental illness, and give them tools to help and support their loved ones, as well as providing hope of recovery and life to those who struggle.


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actress Stephanie Lodge

Stephanie Lodge

2019 Kate
actress Claire Howes

Claire Howes

2019 Libby
actor Cameron McCormack

Cameron McCormack

2018/9 Jonathan
actress Felicity Huxley-Miners

Felicity Huxley-Miners

2017/8 Libby
actor Dan Richardson

Dan Richardson

2017/8 Jonathan
actor Cameron Bell

Cameron Bell

2017 AV
actor Roslyn Paterson

Roslyn Paterson

2018 Kate
actor Suzanna Walters

Suzanna Walters

2017-19 AV & Kate


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